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Registration Process Explained

Welcome to the registration section for Furcation 2024.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our new venue and hosts, Sandford Holiday Park by Parkdean Resorts.

With the new maximum capacity for this venue being 1,700 people, we will not be opting to do a lottery for the majority of our accommodation this year. However, as the hot tub lodges are in short supply, there will be a lottery for these to ensure fairness to those trying to get one of these units. We will also be ensuring that these will be fairly portioned again so that there is a fair split between the attendees and the staff.

Registration Process

We will be keeping our usual process for registration which means the processes will run as follows:

Pre-registration - This will allow you to register your details, set up your groups and prepare for the main registration to open

Main registration - Your group leader will then be able to select your accommodation and this is the point that payments will start to be due.

Payment Process

For Furcation, we allow you 28 days from the date your accommodation is locked in to make your payments. However, we are allowing an extension for all to 30th June initially. If you need an extension on this, please contact our Registration team and we may be able to grant you an extension.

Payment can be made either by card payments through our payment provider, SumUp, or by Bank transfer.

The Sponsor Option or Additional Nights can be added at any time during the registration window up until 30th September 2024. This means you can add these after you have locked in at a later time should you wish.

We look forward to seeing you at Furcation 2024!

Full details on pricing

Lottery Process

Firstly, for transparency, we would like to inform you all of our allocation of hot tub lodges that have been provided by Park Dean, and clarify that none of these lodges are being reserved for staff preference. In the interest of fairness, this year, we will be combining the staff groups and the attendee groups into the same pool of applicants, so that it is fair across the board when we are offering up these much-desired lodges. None of these accommodation options have a sofa bed so we cannot increase their sleeping capacity.

  • 2 bedroom hot tub lodges – 3 available – Sleeps 2-4 attendees
  • 3 bedroom hot tub lodges – 16 available – Sleeps 3-6 attendees
  • 4 bedroom hot tub lodges – 2 available – Sleeps 4-8 attendees (has 2 double beds)

ACCESSIBLE OPTION: The astute among you will notice that there is no accessible option noted above, sadly at present we are still awaiting confirmation from Park Dean if we have access to any accessible hot tub accommodation. We will provide more information on this as the situation develops.

Now to explain the process by which these will be allocated. As has already been hinted at, we will be holding a public lottery via Twitch, whereby groups will be drawn from the pool of applicants and allocated the corresponding accommodation type. This draw will be taking place BEFORE full registration opens so any unsuccessful applicants in this process will revert back to the general registration pool and return to their original spot within the ‘first come first served’ queue and able to pick from the remaining available accommodation options as normal.

The first phase of this process will be to register your interest in joining the lottery. To do that, the GROUP HOST will need to log a ticket within our ticket system using the help topic ‘Hot Tub Lottery’. Within that form you will have the option to select the type of hot tub lottery you would like to join, broken up into 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms. Unlike last year where we had a trickle down system where groups unsuccessful at the highest level of choice filtered through to successive stages each option will be its own independent lottery with no spill over.

This window to register your interest will be opening on Friday 26th April at 20:00 and closing on Sunday 12th May at 20:00, giving all interested groups a 16 day period to submit your request. Any applications received outside of this time frame, or received outside of the ticket system as described above, will not be considered. This includes expressions of interest via private message to any Furcation staff member.

IMPORTANT: Each group will only be considered for ONE ‘Hot Tub Lottery’ application, in the event that a group host submits multiple requests (either multiple requests for the same bedroom capacity or numerous spread across different options) only their most recent ticket received before the window closes will be considered and added to the lottery pool. Only the group host can enter the lottery, and the group must be of the correct size for the accommodation choice.

The lottery itself will take place on Wednesday 15th May at 20:00 on the Furcation Twitch channel and hosted by Jasper Foxx.

Full Registration will open after the lottery, on Friday 17th May at 20:00.