Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this FAQ so short?
We'll have a much more detailed version up soon; it's just having the i's crossed and t's dotted. No wait that's not right and it's mistakes like that which mean it has to be checked.
What is the theme for Furcation 2022
The rawring 20s, the 1920s. We'll be adopting themes and styles of the era, so that means prohibition amongst others! Although, rumour has it there's a speakeasy operating on site.
When will registration open?
Later in the year, more details will be provided as soon as we're able to confirm.
What about Covid-19 and its impact
We'll have a full statement covering these things soon.
What will Furcation cost?
Ultimately, it's down to what accommodation options you pick and how many people are in your group so the pricing is variable. Don't worry though, Furcation still aims to provide you excellent value for money. More details are available on the pricing page.
Who do I speak to about X?
Details are on our contact page
Is there an age restriction for attendance?
You must be 18 or over to attend Furcation!