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Furcation 2023 - Space: The Final Fur-rontier

Furcation's Website Easter Egg Hunt

Scattered around the site are a number of Easter eggs for you to hunt down. However, they're not in plain sight you'll have to get busy tapping everything to find them. Try absolutely everything, some may only appear on specific pages or require a specific combination, some are deliberately trickier to find than others.

There are 9 in total to discover, you can check your progress by revisiting this page any time. Once you locate an egg click on it to add it to your collection.

The first person to find all 9 eggs and share a screenshot with us will win a pack of Kinder Eggs if they are at the opening ceremony.

Feel free to team up, and work together but remember there can only be one winner - maybe they'll share their eggs.

You have until the end of Easter Monday to find them all. Good luck!

The hunt is now over, thank you to all that participated, we hope you had fun.

Published: 7th April 2023

Updated: 11th April 2023