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Furcation 2023 - Space: The Final Fur-rontier

Charity Total Update

Dear Furcation Attendees and Supporters,

I am delighted to announce that, through the generosity of the Furcation Community this year we have raised a verified total of...


This is a fantastic amount which the charity have already expressed their immense gratitude for. They have let me know the money will allow them to initiate a step change in their work and are already looking to take on more trainers to increase he work they do. All because of a furry holiday in Somerset. You people rock!

Some of you however may be asking why this amount is lower than a running total given in the closing ceremony. Unfortunately despite efforts I have been unable to contact or verify a donation that was verbally offered and so at this point cannot include this in any verified totals. While this is a disappointment, there is more good news.

A shout-out to our friends at Catnip Radio who have been fundraising for RAD for the last couple of weeks and have so far raised over £1000 (and counting!).

It doesn't stop here though. To go some way to putting right missing donations, we have ourselves opened a Just Giving Link direct to the charity. Anything you can spare is appreciated, However simply sharing the link would be a massive help!

Once again, thank you to everyone for your generous support of an amazing cause!

Much Love to all,

Janner Dogwai,
Furcation Charity Liaison

Published: 5th December 2022